Inquisitor cheat codes

Inquisitor was recently published on There’s a bit more for me to play before I feel comfortable writing a review, but it’s a fun game so far. Anyway, a rather severe bug ended up permanently draining character stats that were (presumably) meant to be temporarily drained — something on the order of 25 points or around 6 levels worth. Easy enough to fix with the appropriate cheat codes.

Unfortunately, the cheat codes are still partially in Czech. But they work in the English version of the game. Here’s how you use them:

(Update Sep. 16: discovered a few more item codes and added them to the list.)

(Update Oct. 9: added “\addbeing_afriend” code and list of beings.)

When you’re in the game, press the ~ (tilde) key. It’s typically in the top-left area of your keyboard, to the left of the 1 and below the Esc. A > prompt will appear near the top left of the screen and you can type in any of the following.


\givenewitem item – Add item to inventory — see item list
\givemoney # – Increase money by # amount
\addexp # – Increase experience by # amount
\addskillpts # – Increase skill points by # amount
\addattribpts # – Increase attribute points by # amount
\addbeing_afriend being -1 -1 – Add being to map at player position — see being list
\tdolby – Use science skill to affect enemy vision, if female character

Item list

Armor – body
KozenaZbroj Leather armor
VycpavanaZbroj Padded armor
SupinovaZbroj Scale armor
DratenaZbroj Chain mail
PlatovaZbroj Plate armor
RytirskaZbroj Plate armor (full)
Armor – shield
PestniStit Buckler
KruhovyStit Round Shield
VelkyStit Large Shield
Paveza Pavise
Armor – other
Prilba Helmet
Rukavice Gloves
Boty Boots
Nahrdelnik Amulet
Opasek Belt
Prsten Ring
Pecet# Seal (where # is 1-9)
Nuz Knife
Dyka Dagger
Tesak Falchion
BodnaDyka Stiletto
KratkyMec Short sword
DvojiteOstri Double blade
KratkaSavle Short saber
Savle Saber
SirokyMec Backsword
DlouhyMec Longsword
MecBastard Bastard sword
ObourucniMec Two-handed sword
Blunt(ish) weapons
BojovaHul Combat staff
VelkyKyj Great club
Palcat Mace
Remdih Flail
ValecneKladivo War hammer
ObourucniRemdih Two-handed flail
Kopi Spear
Halapartna Halberd
Sudlice Partisan
Trojzubec Trident
DlouheKopi Lance
Pika Pike
Sekera Axe
VelkaSekera Great axe
BojovaSekera Battle axe
ObourucniSekera Two-handed axe
DvoubritaSekera Double-bladed axe
BitevniSekera Double-bladed battle axe
KratkyLuk Short bow
DlouhyLuk Long bow
ReflexniLuk Composite bow
ValecnyLuk War bow
Sipy Arrows
VrhaciDyka Throwing daggers
VrhaciSekera Throwing axes
lektvarZivota Healing potion
lektvarMany Mana potion
lektvarStaminy Stamina potion
Magic tomes
MagickaKniha1 Theologia Arcanea
MagickaKniha2 Adversum Maleficarum
MagickaKniha3 Diquisitiones Magicae
MagickaKniha4 Directorium Iquisitorum
MagickaKniha5 Liber Artum Magicarum Prohibitarum
MagickaKniha6 Elencho’s Te’s Pseudonymu’ Gno’seo’s
MagickaKniha7 Liber Lucifer Ordinis Novi
Ametyst Amethyst
CernaPerla Black pearl
Diamant Diamond
Granat Garnet
Kristal Crystal
Perla Pearl
Rubin Ruby
Safir Sapphire
Smaragd Emerald
Topaz Topaz
Zlato Gold
MagickySvitek Magic scroll
KamenMudrcu Magical box
CertuvKoren Devil’s root
Quest items — alphabetical order, probable spoilers
AmuletBraham Braham’s Silver Amulet
ArviasuvMec Master Edmond d’Arvias’s sword
BethealTemporarum Betheal Temporarum
Chateau Chateau de Trebrechette
DenikFrederick Father Frederick’s Diary
DenikHarph Soldier Harph’s Diary
DenikLeerin Duke van Leerin’s Diary
DopisMalamerta Letter for Cardinal Gustapho Letti
DopisTrevoriovi Letter to Bishop Trevorius
DopisyUsvedc Incriminating Heretical Letters
Dopis_zabijak01 Assassin’s Letter
Durman Thorn Apple
DykaBezCepele Magnificent broken dagger
DykaCepel Magnificent dagger blade
ElfiPismo Elenian Script Transcription
FalesnyDopisBenthley Grand Duke Heidrick’s letter
FlakonKrveTimore Flask of blood
FlakonOlej Flask of Blessed Oil
GeraldWiski Empty bottle
Herbar Herbal
HlavaBenthley Benthley of Welshrem’s Head
HlavaGubringa Gubring’s Head
HlavaHelen Helen von Hunth’s Head
HlavaLapky Head of a Rogue
HlavaMontreaux Montreaux’s head
HlavaOlfgharda Olighard’s head
HlavaRashgar Rashgar’s head
HlavaSkretDustoj Orcish head
HlavaSkretSaman Orcish shaman’s head
HlavaVlkodlak Werewold head
HlavaWulfhyrr Wulfhyrr’s head
KnihaDarlion Fae’Darlion’s Spell Book
KorenMandragory Mandrake Root
KronikaKillian Killian’s Chronicle
Kropitko Aspergillum
LebkaWinhold Skull of Kathryn Winhold
LekRaubsticht Raubsticht’s Potion
LektvarDlouhZivot Longevity Potion
LektvarLykantrop Cure Lycantrophy Potion
LektvarMandragory Mandrake Potion
LektvarOdstrKouzl Dispel Magic Potion
LektvarProtiZapom Anti-forgetfulness potion
LeniusAmulet En’Lenius’s Amulet
LibreDaemonium Libre Daemonium
MemoricusRepeaticus Memoricus repeaticus
MesicniKrystal Moon crystal
Metamorfoza Chalice of Metamorphosis
Monstrance Monstrance of St. Orthenius
NahrdelnikSmrti Necklace of Death
NahrobniKamen Tombstone
NausniceUllmann Golden earring
Nekronomikon Libre Necronomicon
ObetniMrtvola1 Dead girl
ObetniMrtvola2 Dead girl
ObetniMrtvola3 Dead girl
OstatkyZenyBluten01 Remains of Amelina von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten02 Remains of Miraquel von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten03 Remains of Betuana von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten04 Remains of Sylviana von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten05 Remains of Verra von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten06 Remains of Verena von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten07 Remains of Almina von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten08 Remains of Ulpie von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten09 Remains of Deneara von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten10 Remains of Anna von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten11 Remains of Nicoletta von Blutenreich
OstatkyZenyBluten12 Remains of Petriella von Blutenreich
PlanSekty Strange human skin parchment
PlastUtrzek Shred of a cloak
PrekladPlanuSekty Strange human skin parchment
PrstenHalworth Halworth’s ring
RakevHunth Coffin of Baron von Hunth
Ruzenec Rosary
SipLarsen Killer arrow
SkalpLapky Footpad Scalp
SkalpSkreta Orc Scalp
SlunecniAmulet Sun Charm
SlunecniKrystal Sun crystal
SoskaBhelfelix Bhelfelix Statuette
SoskaGabriel Gabriel Statuette
SoskaMichael Michael Statuette
SoskaRaphael Raphael Statuette
SoskaRaubsticht Wax figurine of Raubsticht
SrdceHerbertius Cursed heart
SvatePismo Holy Scriptures
SvatebniSaty Wedding Dress
SvecenaVoda Holy water
SvitekElf Mysterious Scroll
TrolliZlucKytka Troll Bile Herb
TrolliZlucnik Troll Bile
VlciMor Wolfsbane
ZavetBartholomeus Bartholomeus’s last will
ZakladniKamen Foundation Stone of the Temple
ZarghovoSrdce Lord Zargh’s Heart
relikvie_AhalaarovaVule Ahalaar’s Will
relikvie_AndelskaZbroj Angelic Armor
relikvie_BaptistovaZlost Baptist’s Rage
relikvie_BicBozi Scourage of God
relikvie_BotySvatehoBaudolina Boots of Saint Baudolino
relikvie_DiesIre Dies Irae
relikvie_DraciHav Dragon Mantle
relikvie_DraciSpar Dragon Talon
relikvie_DrticLebek Skull Crusher
relikvie_ElConquistador El Conquistador
relikvie_ElProtector El Protector
relikvie_ElUsurpador El Usurpador
relikvie_EndarianskaZhouba Endarian Banre
relikvie_ErstwickyHrot Erstwick Spike
relikvie_GabrieluvStit Gabriel’s Shield
relikvie_GladiusMaximus Gladius Maximus
relikvie_GlenMoherrskeProkleti Glen Moherr Curse
relikvie_HadiZub Snake Fang
relikvie_HelmiceSvatehoJilliana Helmet of Saint Jillian
relikvie_Inkvizitor Inquisitor
relikvie_Jad-HabaalskaZhouba Jad-Habaal Bane
relikvie_JesteriDrap Lizard Claw
relikvie_KladivoTisicuHromu Thunderbolt Hammer
relikvie_KopiSvatehoJiri Saint George’s Lance
relikvie_KrvavyMesic Blood Moon
relikvie_Krvemor Blood Bane
relikvie_KuzeSvatehoAmbrozia Saint Ambrosius’s Skin
relikvie_LharovoZrcadlo Liar’s Mirror
relikvie_MalaJitrenka Lesser Morningstar
relikvie_MichaeluvStit Michael’s Shield
relikvie_Nicitel Destroyer
relikvie_NovyZakon New Order
relikvie_OculusDei Oculus Dei
relikvie_OnixovaZhouba Onyx’s Bane
relikvie_PasSmrti Girdle of Death
relikvie_PlamenSpravedlnosti Flame of Justice
relikvie_PojidacDusi Devourer of Souls
relikvie_RafmanihoLidorez Rafmani’s Man Carver
relikvie_RashgarovaPest Rashgar’s Fist
relikvie_SekeraKraleDavida King David’s Axe
relikvie_Skretomor Orc Bane
relikvie_Smrtihlav Decapitator
relikvie_StatecneSrdce Brave Heart
relikvie_StitKraleDavida King David’s Shield
relikvie_StrunaSmrti String of Death
relikvie_SvateKopi Holy Spear
relikvie_UrrmovoOko Urrm’s Eye
relikvie_VelkaJitrenka Greater Morningstar
relikvie_VeneriuvSen Venerius’s Dream
relikvie_VitezovaChlouba Victor’s Pride
relikvie_VlciTesak Wolf Fang
relikvie_ZbrojKraleDavida King David’s Mail
relikvie_ZeleznaKosile Iron Mantle
relikvie_ZhoubaKralu Royal Bane
relikvie_baron Baron ring
relikvie_knize Grand duke ring
relikvie_komtur Commander ring
relikvie_mistr Master ring
relikvie_soudce Judge ring
relikvie_vevoda Duke ring
Keys — possible spoilers
Klic002 Mine Gate Key
Klic003 Rusty Mine Key
Klic004 Mine Gate Key
Klic005 Ancient Key
Klic006 Devil’s Caverns Key
Klic007 Secret Entrance Key
Klic008 Key of Madness
Klic009 Key of Lunacy
Klic010 Key of Insanity
Klic011 Key of Sin
Klic012 Key of Lechery
Klic013 Key of Lust
Klic014 Key of Dissoluteness
Klic015 Key of Shamelessness
Klic016 Key of Corruption
Klic017 Key of Decimation
Klic018 Key of Annihilation
Klic019 Key of Destruction
Klic020 Orcish Key
Klic021 Orcish Key
Klic022 Orcish Key
Klic023 Orcish Key
Klic024 Glatzburg Church Tomb Key
Klic025 Glatzburg Church Tomb Key
Klic026 Royal Tomb of Glatzburg
Klic027 Royal Tomb of Glatzburg Key
Klic028 Glatzburg diocese Key
Klic029 Glatzburg diocese Key
Klic030 Glatzburg diocese Key

Being list

Note: not all these beings are actually helpful to add, some may not work at all, and adding beings may ruin a game.

Adeleida Adeleida
alchymista_alv Alchemist
AlwarFlock Alwar Flock
Ardrieaux Rieven d’Ardrieaux
Argh Argh
Arthamon Arthamon
Arvias Edmond d’Arvias
Augustin Augustin
Azrael Azrael
Bafomet Bafomet
Balthazar Balthazar
bandita01_luk Rogue
bandita01 Rogue
bandita02 Rogue
bandita03_luk Rogue
bandita03 Rogue
bandita04 Rogue
bandita05_luk Rogue
bandita05 Rogue
bandita06 Rogue
bandita07_luk Rogue
bandita07 Rogue
Bartholomeus Bartholomeus
BartholomeuvBratr01 Guardian of Secret
BartholomeuvBratr02 Guardian of Secret
BartholomeuvBratr03 Guardian of Secret
bat01 Bat
bat01_hill Bat
bat02 Fire bat
bat02_super Infernal bat
bat03 Giant bat
bat04 Frost bat
Bates Bates
Beckham Beckham
Benthley Benthley of Welshrem
beranek Sheep
Bhelfelix Bhelfelix
BhelfelixDuch01 Ghorth-baghor
BhelfelixDuch02 Yeanghar-baghor
BhelfelixDuch03 Otthor-baghor
Blutenreich Ghost of Dawn von Blutenreich
Bragho Istwan de Bragho
Braham Braham
Brauchner Suzan Brauchner
Brechthold Theil Brechthold
Brooks Leon van den Brooks
Brookwelt Christian Brookwelt
Burton William Burton
Cerdie Cerdie
Chambrie Eradim d’Chambrie
Commendoni2 Commendoni
Commendoni Commendoni
commoner-muz01_Alv Commoner
commoner-muz01_Glat Commoner
commoner-muz01_Hill Commoner
commoner-muz02_Alv Commoner
commoner-muz02_Glat Commoner
commoner-muz02_Hill Commoner
commoner-muz03_Alv Commoner
commoner-zena01_Alv Commoner
commoner-zena01_Glat Commoner
commoner-zena01_Hill Commoner
commoner-zena02_Alv Commoner
commoner-zena02_Glat Commoner
commoner-zena02_Hill Commoner
Contemburry Sheriff Contemburry
cumil-muz01 Loafer
cumil-muz02 Loafer
cumil-muz03 Loafer
cumil-zena01 Loafer
cumil-zena02 Loafer
cumil-zena03 Loafer
Darlion Fae’Darlion
Darmont Darmont
Decard Decard of Longhorn
Diana Princess Diana
DiCerbio Alphonso DiCerbio
Dietrich02 Dietrich
Dominicus Dominicus
Downay Downay
DrakeLambert Drake Lambert
Drichtmaul Hans von Drichtmaul
duch01_hill Spirit
duch01 Spirit
duch02_col1_01 Ghost
duch02_col2_01 Ghost
duch02 Ghost
duch03 Phantom
DuchLeerina Ghost of Rowan van Leerin
DvojnikArviase Edmond d’Arvias
dzin Genie
EdgerVonHunth Edger von Hunth
Embieaux Roland d’Embieaux
EmilyVanLeerin Emily van Leerin
Erbert Erbert of Trimoli
Flemberg Yan Flemberg
Flitz Flitz
Frankmuller Lotti Frankmüller
Frederick Frederick
Fritz Fritz
FritzuvPobratim01 Vagabond
FritzuvPobratim02 Vagabond
FritzuvPobratim03 Vagabond
Froix Hector de Froix
Gabriel Gabriel
Gawais Brian de Gawais
Gelbendiel Dieter von Gelbendiel
Geoffrey Joseph Geoffrey
Gerbert Gerbert of Rowington
Gerhard Gerhard de Blanc
Gielwitch Wanda Gielwitch
Gilbert Gilbert
Gotfried Ghost of Manfred Gotfried
Graubner Graubner
Gregorius2 Gregorius
Gregorius Gregorius
Grimschloss Ulm von Grimschloss
Gubring Gubring
Guise Jean de Guise
Gulvardi Francessca Gulvardi
Halworth Guss Halworth
Harlior King Harlior
Harph Harph
HarphuvSkeleton01 Undead Warrior
HarphuvSkeleton02 Undead Warrior
HarphuvSkeleton03 Undead Warrior
harpyje02_spell Succubus Mother
harpyje02 Succubus Mother
harpyje_spell Succubus
harpyje Succubus
Haubersacht Kirk von Haubersacht
Hauffner Hauffner
HelenVonHunth Helen von Hunth
Herbertius Herbertius
HerbertiuvPoskok01 Infernal Servant
HerbertiuvPoskok02 Infernal Servant
HerbertiuvPoskok03 Infernal Servant
Herminus Herminus
Honoricus Honoricus Flavius
Horathius Horathius
Horst1 Horst
Horst Horst
Horth Horth
hruza02 Terror
hruza Fear
hruza_wiz Terror
Hulph Hulph
HulphuvNohsled01 Hulph’s Henchman
HulphuvNohsled02 Hulph’s Henchman
HulphuvNohsled03 Hulph’s Henchman
Hurgh Hurgh
inkvizitor_alv Inquisitor
inkvizitor_glat Inquisitor
inkvizitor_hill Inquisitor
inkvizitor_vedlejsi Inquisitorial Investigator
inquisitor_arc1_01 Judge Hermann
inquisitor_arc3_01 Mad Judge
inquisitor Inquisitor
Jack Jolliah Jackmar
Jeanette Jeanette
Jeremiah2 Jeremiah
Jeremiah Jeremiah
Joachym Joachym
Joan1 Joan
Joan Cursed Joan
JohanessClifford Johaness Clifford
Jullian Jullian
Jungwirdt Enrie Jungwirdt
Kelley Alberto Kelley
Kenthwarr Kenthwarr
knez02_cd1_01 Priest
knez02 Priest
knez03_arc1_01 Antonius
knez03_arc2_01 Salacious Vincenzio
knez03_arc3_01 Raol Reanimator
knez03 Episcopal vicar
knez_alv Priest
knez_bandit Salacious Priest
knez Deacon
knez_glat Priest
knez_healer Friar
knez_hill Priest
knez_PohChram01 Priest
knez_PohChram02 Priest
knez_PohChram03 Priest
komtur01_alv Commander
komtur01 Commander
komtur01_ctd3_01 Eilah de Tortullier
komtur01_glat Commander
komtur01_hill Commander
krystalA Crystal of Sin
krystalB Crystal of Sin
krystalC Crystal of Sin
Larsen Sven Larsen
Laurencius2 Laurencius
Laurencius Laurencius
LeerinovoMonstrum01 Homunculus
LeerinovoMonstrum02 Homunculus
LeerinovoMonstrum03 Homunculus
Length Vick Length
Lenius En’Lenius
Letti Gustapho Letti
LianaLambert Liana Lambert
LindaVanGallagan Linda van Gallagan
lizard_man01 Lizardman
lizard_man02 Dragonman
lizard_man02_wiz Dragonman
LovecDuchu01 Inquisitor
LovecDuchu02 Inquisitor
LovecDuchu03 Soldier
LovecDuchu04 Soldier
LovecDuchu05 Soldier
Luisse Lothard Luisse
Lumier Lumier
LumieruvDruh01 Inquisitor
LumieruvDruh02 Inquisitor
LumieruvDruh03 Inquisitor
Malamert2 Christoffer de Malamert
Malamert Christoffer de Malamert
Mansfeld Baron of Mansfeld
Marcius Marcius
Martroiani Martroiani
Millward Millward
mistr1 Master
Montesque Hugo Montesque
Monthreass Nina Monthreass
Montreaux Henry de Montreaux
Morray Corin Morray
NataliaReichmann Natalia Reichmann
nemrtvy_mnich_gcst01 Undead Monk
nemrtvy_mnich_gcst02 Undead Monk
nemrtvy_mnich Undead Monk
nemrtvy_mnich_wiz Undead Monk
Nicolas Nicolas
Nicollette Nicollette
Norman Jason Norman
NormanovaMatka Norman’s Mother
Odula Spider Terror
ohnivy_golem02_dc1 Guardian of Destruction
ohnivy_golem02_dc3_01 Guardian of Destruction
ohnivy_golem02_dc3_02 Guardian of Destruction
ohnivy_golem02 Fire Golem
ohnivy_golem Fire Golem
Olfghard Olfghard
Orghp Orghp
Orthenius St. Orthenius
OrtheniuvGuardian01 Guardian of St. Orthenius
OrtheniuvGuardian02 Guardian of St. Orthenius
OrtheniuvGuardian03 Guardian of St. Orthenius
OrtheniuvGuardian Guardian of St. Orthenius
OvceBetty Betty
ovce Dolly
paladin1_alv Paladin
paladin1_glat Paladin
paladin1_hill Paladin
paladin1 Paladin
paladin1_straz_alv Paladin
paladin1_straz_glat Paladin
paladin1_straz_hill Paladin
paladin_ctd1 Paladin
Pasque Ethien de Pasque
PaulHammerhand Paul Hammerhand
PekelnyPes Infernal Hound
PekelnyPochop01 Infernal Minion
PekelnyPochop02 Infernal Minion
PekelnyPochop03 Infernal Minion
PekelnyPochop04 Infernal Minion
PekelnyPochop05 Infernal Minion
pes01_guard Hound
pes01 Hound
pes02_guard Hound
pes02 Hound
pes_maso Infernal Hound
pes_vedlejsi01 Diabolus
player_knez Maxmilian Conti
player_paladin Bonhart de Brague
player_zlodej Desmond
PohanskyDuch01 Ancient Ghost
PohanskyDuch02 Ancient Ghost
PohanskyDuch03 Ancient Ghost
PohanskySkeleton01 Undead Barbarian
PohanskySkeleton02 Undead Barbarian
PohanskySkeleton03 Undead Barbarian
PohanskySkeleton04 Undead Barbarian
PohanskySkeleton05 Undead Barbarian
PohanskySkeleton06 Undead Barbarian
PohanskySkeleton07 Undead Barbarian
PohanskySkeleton08 Undead Barbarian
PohanskySkeleton09 Undead Barbarian
PohanskySkeleton10 Undead Barbarian
poloobr01 Ogre
poloobr02_Ghurr Ghurr
poloobr02 Ogre
poloobr03_Fathor Fathor
poloobr03 Titan
poloobr_mc_srub Ogre
Pontheus Pontheus
Pontifex Pontifex
Portmann Henry Portmann
ProkleteDiteChaosu Brat of Chaos
ProkleteDiteChaosu_wiz Bastard of Chaos
proklety_rytir01 Cursed Knight
proklety_rytir01_gcat01 Cursed Knight
proklety_rytir01_wiz Cursed Knight
proklety_rytir02 Cursed Paladin
proklety_rytir02_wiz Cursed Paladin
proklety_rytir_chaosu01 Cursed Knight of Chaos
proklety_rytir_chaosu02 Cursed Knight of Chaos
proklety_rytir_chaosu03 Cursed Knight of Chaos
Pteremon02 Pteremon
Pteremon03 Pteremon
Pteremon04 Pteremon
Pteremon Pteremon
Pulein Jacques de Pulein
Quarim Quarim
Quentinus Quentinus
Raphaela Princess Rafaela
raptor_man01_dvc2_01 Raptorman
raptor_man01_dvc2_02 Raptorman
raptor_man01 Raptorman
raptor_man01_wiz Raptorman
RaquelGielwitch Raquel Gielwitch
Rashgar Rashgar
Raubsticht Friedrich Raubsticht
Reitdorf Thomas Reitdorf
Riemann Sam Riemann
RobertHeidrick Robert Heidrick
RobertVanGallagan Robert van Gallagan
Roix Kirk de Roix
RoixuvPaladin01 Paladin
RoixuvPaladin02 Paladin
RoixuvPaladin03 Paladin
Romius Romius
RowanVanLeerin02 Rowan van Leerin
RowanVanLeerin Rowan van Leerin
Ruphert Ruphert
Rwhan Rwhan
Sahab Ihman ab Sahab
SalenaFlock Salena Flock
Schiebell Heins Schiebell
Schultz Hermann Schultz
Servil Servil
Severtinus Severtinus
Siegel Minfred von Siegel
skeleton_fire Fire Skeleton
skeleton_ice Frost Skeleton
skeleton_lfwt Skeleton
skeleton_luk_lfwt Skeleton
skeleton_luk Skeleton
skeleton Skeleton
skeleton_valecnik_cd3_01 Skeleton
skeleton_valecnik_lfwt Skeleton
skeleton_valecnik Skeleton
skret_kopac Orc Worker
skret_orge Orc
skret_orge_sekernik Orc
skret_saman01 Orc Mage
skret_saman02_oc2_01 Mag-Wurth
skret_saman02_oc2_02 Ushdar
skret_saman02 Orc Mage
skret_saman03_oc3_01 Soul Corruptor
skret_saman03_oc3_02 Khan’s Magus
skret_saman03 Orc Mage
skret_valecnik02 Orc Warrior
skret_valecnik Orc Warrior
Smith Sheriff Smith
spider01 Araneus Diademus
spider02 Ephebopus Murinus
spider03 Latrodectus Mactans
spider03_spell Latrodectus Mactans
StefanReichmann Stefan Reichmann
Steinger Steinger
stin Shadow
stin_wiz Shadow
svedek01 Unwanted Witness
svedek02 Unwanted Witness
svedek03 Unwanted Witness
Theresie Princess Theresia
Timore Giovanni Timore
Tinthan2 Tinthan
Tinthan Tinthan
TomClifford Tom Clifford
Trauchmann Trauchmann
Trevorius Trevorius
TrevoriuvDuch Ghost of Trevorius
Trisstan Trisstan
troll01 Troll
troll02 Mountain Troll
troll03 Stone Troll
trpajzlik_king_se_sekerou Ancient Ghost
Truncq_monstrum01 Evil Dead
Truncq_monstrum02 Evil Dead
Truncq_monstrum03 Evil Dead
Truncquillius Truncquillius
Truthorn Joseph Truthorn
Ulbrecht Yan Ulbrecht
Ullmann_bestie Undead Jackal
Ullmann Sandra Ullmann
Ulthraum2 Thelma Ulthraum
Ulthraum Thelma Ulthraum
upir_rcst2_01 Bloodless Prelate
upir Vampire
upir_wiz Vampire
Vallarian2 Vallarian
VallarianovoMonstrum01 Undead Minion
VallarianovoMonstrum02 Undead Minion
VallarianovoMonstrum03 Undead Minion
Vallarian Vallarian
Vanessa1 Vanessa of Kentworth
Vanessa2 Vanessa of Kentworth
VanSingier Elisabeth van Singier
Velacor Rodrigo de Velacor
Ventano Raimond Ventano
Ventimus Paolus Ventimus
Verenicus Verenicus
vezen-inquisitor Inquisitor
vezen-knez02 Inquisitor
vezen-knez03 Inquisitor
vezen-knez Inquisitor
vezen-komtur01 Commander
vezen-mistr1 Master
vezen-paladin1 Paladin
VictorHammerhand Victor Hammerhand
vlkodlak02 Werewolf Lord
vlkodlak Werewolf
vlkodlak_wiz Werewolf
vojak_alv Soldier
vojak_dustojnik Officer
vojak_gardista_alv Guardsman
vojak_gardista_arc Guardsman
vojak_gardista_glat Guardsman
vojak_gardista_hill Guardsman
vojak_glat Soldier
vojak_hill Soldier
vojak_hill_straz Soldier
Vojak_komando Soldier
vojak_luk_alv Soldier
vojak_luk_glat Soldier
vojak_luk_hill Soldier
vojak_luk_vedlejsi Soldier
vojak_mc_srub_01 Soldier
vojak_mc_srub_02 Soldier
vojak_mc_srub_03 Soldier
vojak_mc_srub_04 Soldier
vojak_mc_srub_05 Soldier
vojak_vedlejsi Soldier
Volter Volter
vrah_alv Stranger
vrah_glat Stranger
vrah_hill Stranger
vred_kes1_01 Ulcer of Corruption
vred_kes1_02 Ulcer of Corruption
vred_kes1_03 Ulcer of Corruption
vred_kes1_04 Ulcer of Corruption
vred_kes1a Ulcer of Corruption
vred_kes1b Ulcer of Corruption
Weinberg Weinberg
Weintraum Ludwig Weintraum
Welfhar2 Welfhar
Welfhar Welfhar
Whermer Whermer
Winhold Ghost of Kathryn Winhold
Winston Charles Winston
Wrang Wrang
Wulfhyrr Wulfhyrr
Wurtenrodt Ellisia Würtenrodt
Yrrmaxius Yrrmaxius
YullietteHeidrick Yulliette Heidrick
YulliettinoDite01 Infernal Brat
YulliettinoDite02 Infernal Brat
YulliettinoDite03 Infernal Brat
Zabijak01 Stranger
Zabijak02 Stranger
Zabijak03 Stranger
Zabijak04 Stranger
ZanDremuvPoskok01 ZanDrem’s Servant
ZanDremuvPoskok02 ZanDrem’s Servant
ZanDremuvPoskok03 ZanDrem’s Servant
ZanDrem ZanDrem
Zargh Lord Zargh
zena_Almina Almina
zena_Amelina Amelina
zena_Anna Anna
zena_Betuana Betuana
zena_Deneara Deneara
zena_Miraquel Miraquel
zena_Nicoletta Nicoletta
zena_Petriella Petriella
zena_Sylviana Sylviana
zena_Ulpie Ulpie
zena_Verena Verena
zena_Verra Verra
zombie01_gc Walking Corpse
zombie01 Walking Corpse
zombie02_gc Zombie
zombie02_sew Zombie
zombie02 Zombie
zombie03_gc Ghoul
zombie03 Ghoul
zombie03_sew_01 Ghoul
zombie03_sew Ghoul

25 comment(s)

guest Sun, Sep 16, 2012 3:52 pm

Thanks, even if I usually don't use cheat codes.But this time, it seems I've encountered a bugged quest: the one that ask you to find Scott de Ormand who is dragged by trolls in act one.I've just found him, but Rivien d'Ardrieaux is now dead.Don't know how it could happen.I didn't expect such a NPC who give a quest can die.  Too bad I don't have any anterior save.  Is there a cheat to resurrect Rivien?


e11 Mon, Sep 17, 2012 4:17 am

Sorry, if such a cheat exists I haven't been able to figure it out.  It looks like there might be a command to do it (something like \replacenpc or \addbeing) but it's unclear what parameters the command would take.  I've guessed things like \replacenpc Arvias (for d'Arvias) without effect.  Maybe it needs coordinates, maybe the person name I'm trying is incorrect, or maybe the command isn't something accessible as a cheat code but is instead meant to be part of a script?

Rivien did seem to be a hard character to kill.  While looking for treasure I kept running lines of mountain trolls back towards him and he kept dropping them one after the other.  Made me think his concern about "there's too many of them for me to handle" was more of an excuse for him to sit by the fire than anything else, but apparently not?

guest Mon, Sep 17, 2012 5:43 am

Thanks man, this really saved my ass! BTW, how did you get those commands? Decompiled parts of game files, or what?

e11 Mon, Sep 17, 2012 6:41 pm

I had a crash dump, so I tried GNU "strings" on it and it occured to me to search the results for one of the known item codes.  Other strings that looked like possible codes were nearby.  Then I tried each one in the game and typed in the full name of the item that was generated next to the code.  There's a scripting/macroing language called AutoHotKey that made this easier than it sounds, such that I could stay in the game and repeat the process of hitting a macro key, having the program feed in the \givenewitem cheat code with an item to test, type in the description of the item that shows up, and have the result written out to file. 

It's probably not 100% but once I saw there were quest items in there it seemed like it'd be worth the effort to save some headaches for anybody that's accidentally destroyed one.  Would love to know how things like replacenpc/addbeing worked for the same reason but I don't reverse commercial software so can only take a superficial look at things.

guest Tue, Sep 18, 2012 3:09 am

Ingenious! GNU strings you say, never heard of it, that will come in handy, thanks :]

guest Tue, Sep 18, 2012 8:54 pm

hello, ty for the console commands they are really helpful and handy

BUT…  what i really wanna do is remove the maximum limit for the attributes (and maybe for skills)

ever tried opening the inquisitor.exe with a hex editor?

im am fairly certain that with enough time/patience/LUCK we can find the limitations for the attributes and skills from the game.

-skills seem to be stuck at 15 and 20

-attributes seem to be stuck at 15 and 20 for start game/char creation…. and to 50-90 for late game

-i noticed that even if you max an attribute, you can top the value off with an item, so it will raise past its limitation

-i also noticed when hacking the game with cheat engine that the game likes to have values of 4bytes (so far : arrows, gold, charges for runes/sigils,attribute points and skill points)

i am already looking to see if and where i can find something to pick up on, ill be back if i discover something in the near future

or maybe somebody with more experience will develop a character / item editor for the game 😀 but thats not likely cause its a pretty underrated game

guest Wed, Sep 19, 2012 3:27 pm

hey guise its me again ^_^ …..i have good news and bad news regarding my last post

–bad– i tried opening the .exe and even some data files with the hex editor but didnt manage to find the right place for where to remove/modify the maximum values for some attributes/skills/limitations BUT –good– i noticed that you can permanently change some stuff(see below how many things you can mod ) with "cheat engine"(i got version 6.2) :

**its like i said : all values i have worked with so far are working with 4bytes

**the things you modify will not be reseted if you reload the game or go through a next level

**i have not encountered any crashes to desktop even after loads of abuse & punishment by that hacking program

**here are some of the stuff you can modify: ((1))arrow quantity (you can change it for the quiver you currently have equipped – i changed to values in the thousands so far with no problems ) —– same thing applies for gold, skill points, attribute points , etc ——- ((2))rune/sigil charges (same thing, i made one fireball rune have 9999 charges, after i saved the game and reloaded it , charges remained the same, and after i started casting that spell, it started counting from 9998 and so on…)

pro hint : if you modify your quiver to have say 999 arrows – if you freeze that value with cheat engine, then go in game , you can then equip other quivers of arrows, they too will receive the 999 value , same thing goes for runes, but be sure to add the rune to that same spot on your belt where the previous modded rune was

((3)) attributes – attributes can be modded to get to the thousands also, and the game immediately responds to the changes you make (but in a good way – for example – i added 900 to constitution and immediately the game recalculated and increased my maximum health and stamina, same thing for other values) —-side effect/ collateral dmg —- the bad part about this thing is that if you mod an attribute past its maximum limitation that ive been yapping about, you cannot raise it any more, so be sure to think of the changes you make, cause if say youll have 120 dexterity, and save it, then you wont be able to raise/lower it any more with this method

personal observation/maybe pro hint/ – you can easily mod attributes to be around 150-250 in game with absolutely no worry that youll have an overpowered character (!!that is if you play HARD mode!!) because if youll have 300 to strenght , that means youll have 30 basic damage, to that, add a knife that has 2-4 damage = your total dmg will be 32-34, and 1st level BAT has like 64 hp….do the math: you wont oneshot the easyest creep/mob in the game…

((4))skills, now skills are a bit tricky, but im covering that too – read below **another thing i discovered: a class has some skills limited – example : thief cannot have a melee skill bigger than 10 BUT you can modify it to get to the maximum (which is 20 ) and the game reacts well to that, just like i mentioned above BUT (again) any value over that 20 will not work, so even if you manage to edit THIEVING to be OVER 9000, the results you give are exactly the same, same goes with all the rest of the skills(so do not go over 20, its totally useless

…(VERY IMPORTANT) and need i remind u to be careful cause the skills are tricky : in game , the max skill level is 20, but that requires 50 skill points in total to get to that 20 (so if u wanna search for a skill i recommend u do it before u upgrade it past level 5,cause after that it becomes very foggy)i had to say this because everything i said above, CANNOT be cheated if you use the only good free trainer there is for this game a the moment (haxors)

i really hope i wasnt a pest cause this can take a lotta reading(and maybe some moderating too wooooo 😛 ) and i hope i can at least help some of you!

i dont think this information is anywhere at the moment (i searched with google) so the good part is that this current page/site probably has the most cheating/hacking information for this game in this moment (yay? 😀 )

guest Tue, Dec 11, 2012 4:09 pm

These don't work for me! I tired having the / before the command and not having it. I tried having a space btw the command and the number with and without the / but still nothing! Help please! It was awesome of you to put this together for everyone, I just hope I can get them to work for me!

guest Tue, Dec 11, 2012 4:17 pm

Awesome job putting all this together! I just cant seem to get any of them to work! I tired with and without the '/' before the command and I tried every combination of spaces and no spaces btw the command and the number with and without the '/' before the command. I type it in, hit enter and…nothing. Do you have any insight into this or is it a 'me' problem. perhaps I need to edit the config file? Any help would be appreciated!

e11 Tue, Dec 11, 2012 4:49 pm

You might be putting in the wrong type of slash.  Please make sure you're using the '\', or backslash, before the command.  (Easy mistake to make because so many games do it the other way.)

Good luck!

guest Sun, Aug 18, 2013 9:49 am

I have a slight problem with using the / backslash.  The game won't let me type one in!  It seems to have an different keyboard setup which makes the backslash type another character.  as a result i can't get the codes to work.  anyone know how to fix this?!

e11 Sun, Aug 18, 2013 3:21 pm

That's odd.  I don't have the game installed at the moment, but you might be able to type the backslash character by holding down the Alt key, typing 92 on your number pad (on the right side of the keyboard), and releasing the Alt key.  Num Lock must be on for this to work, and you can test it in something like Windows notepad or Word first.  Should display a \ just as if you've typed it if you get it right.

It's an old DOS-era technique for typing in ASCII characters that weren't on the keyboard, but it still works pretty much everywhere I've tried it in Windows.

Anonymous Sun, Sep 29, 2019 12:48 pm

I’ve tried the “\addskillpts 10” command and it does not work. Do I need a cheat engine or is it supposed to work with just the console? Whenever I put in the command it tells me to type is list to see the actual list of commands.

guest Mon, Dec 24, 2012 7:11 am

you guys are doing something wrong !  THE CODES ARE FLAWLESS!!!

protip – remember that new items can get rerolled! so if you recieve an important relic with +4 epic attributes and ure not satisfied by it, just insert the code to that relic again to reroll its enchantments

guest Tue, Sep 3, 2013 1:40 am

use cheat engine 4 bytes while the attributes are still color white if you found many, adjust your attribute for example 10 – or + 1 = 11 now type 11 then next scan until one remains

guest Tue, Oct 9, 2012 2:40 pm

Thanks for all the info but can you add npc in game names that can be used after \addbeing_afriend x -1 -1 (x = npc in game name) command, please.

e11 Wed, Oct 10, 2012 12:10 am

Sure thing.  I've only tested a couple but they seem to work.

guest Wed, Oct 30, 2013 1:55 am

Is there any way to remove levels or skill points? I messed up with my character and I want to rebuild it. I saw in one of the trainers there was, but you can only get those by signing up to pay sites (from what I was able to find).

Thanks in advance.

guest Mon, Nov 18, 2013 5:01 am

The most irritating part of the game is "rolling" items in the shops. Is there a way to summon an item with suffix and prefix? Something like: Master's(prefix) RING of Divine Power(suffix) ?

guest Mon, Oct 27, 2014 6:28 pm

Awesome page, seems as though the only one I cannot get to work is the flame of justice. Ive typed it over and over and have checked my spelling time after time. Possible typo?

e11 Tue, Oct 28, 2014 11:48 am

It looks right to me, checking it against my code dump, though I don't currently have the game installed to test it.  Might be a problem with my choice of font, as lowercase "L"s and uppercase "I"s look the same.

Can you retry, making sure the code is spelled as follows: relikvie_PlamenSpravedlnosti.  If I remember later I'll try to use a better font for the words on the code sheet.

guest Sat, Apr 9, 2016 10:49 pm

Thanks for this, the only cheat that I use is for both money for potions and the potions themselves otherwise, the idiotic circular logic for the stamina mechanic completely decimates gameplay because instead of using strategy in combat you're simply quaffing potions and replacing fuckin' weapons that degrade in 10 hits!…


Anonymous Sun, Sep 3, 2017 3:28 pm

Cheats won’t work for me? Maybe I’m missing something.

Tathas Wed, May 2, 2018 11:56 am

I come here and just whoa, these codes are in czech laguage, this I really do not expect. 😀 Greeting from Czech republic!

Anonymous Mon, Jun 17, 2019 2:51 am

Is there any code for elixirs?
(permanent effect potions)

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