Inquisitor cheat codes

Inquisitor was recently published on There’s a bit more for me to play before I feel comfortable writing a review, but it’s a fun game so far. Anyway, a rather severe bug ended up permanently draining character stats that were (presumably) meant to be temporarily drained — something on the order of 25 points or around 6 levels worth. Easy enough to fix with the appropriate cheat codes.

Unfortunately, the cheat codes are still partially in Czech. But they work in the English version of the game. Here’s how you use them:

(Update Sep. 16: discovered a few more item codes and added them to the list.)

(Update Oct. 9: added “\addbeing_afriend” code and list of beings.)

[ ... 47799 more bytes remaining; click "Read entry" to view. ]

Will an old PC run Skyrim?

It’s not always easy to find out if an older PC is capable of running newer games, so in case anybody’s searching for it, I’ll throw this out there:

Skyrim runs acceptably on my Intel Pentium D 3.4GHz. The computer also has 4GB of memory and a newer graphics card, a two year old ATI Radeon HD 4850 GDDR3 512MB. Although the game got a bit of a reputation for being underoptimized, I thought it performed surprisingly well given my hardware specs.